Bendtsen Roughness Tester

Applicable standards:
BS 4420, DIN 53108, DIN 53120, ISO 5636/8791/2, SCAN P21

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Paper and Pulp.



  • Measures both Roughness and Porosity
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • Internal Calibration Routine
  • Electronic measurement for constant air flow
  • Flexible roughness head
  • Sheffield options available



The Bendtsen Tester is able to measure both the roughness and porosity of paper and board. The instrument is easy to use. The 7-inch touchscreen uses intuitive icons. The original test design of Dr. Bendtsen had problems keeping the air pressure at a constant level. The 58-27 Bendtsen tester measures the air pressure in the head. Therefore, a change in pressure is directly recorded and controlled.