ECT Sample Saw

Applicable standards:
APPITA 1301.444s
DIN 53149
ISO 13821
TAPPI T811, T823, T838, T839

Product code: 40920



• High-speed sample saw with accurate cuts
• Automatic feed and pneumatic ejection of the cut samples
• Counter shows the number of cuts
• Exhaust for the removal of cutter dust


The sample saw is provided with high-speed revolution saw blades. The high speed and the exact parallelism ensure a precise cut of the sample for accurate measuring results. The speed of the saw blades can be adjusted manually. A counter registers the wear of the saw blades by counting the amount of cuts, so the operator knows, that after certain amount of cuts (1000 depends of the cutting material)  he has  to replace the blades. The sample feed is controlled pneumatically manual adjusted by  air flow buttom and the sample is trimmed automatically. Thus, sample deviations are nearly eliminated. After the cutting process, the sample is ejected automatically and can easily be taken out. A safety switch is built in to avoid an accidental opening of the housing.

Test description

The operator fills a 100 mm wide sample strip laterally in the sample inlet by slightly lifting the down holder. The motor and the exhauster are started. By pushing the start button, a sample slide advances, and the sample is cut and ejected laterally. The operator manually forwards the sample strip. By pushing
the start button, another ECT sample is produced. The sample is always cut at both sides to assure highest parallelism.


• Quiet design
• High-speed motor, up to 20000 rpm
• Special saw blades for precise cuts
• Automatic sample feed and ejection adjustable
• Maximum sample thickness: 20 mm
• Rotation speed of saw blades adjustable
• Counter indicates best time for changing the saw blades
• Exhauster optionally available
• Sample size: 25 x 100 mm

Technical data

Electricity: 110V-230 V, 50-60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 400-600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x50x25 cm
Net weight: 46 kg
Gross weight: 60 kg