Mütek PCD-06

Particle Charge Detector

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The Mütek™ PCD-06 Particle Charge Detector measures the charge of colloidal dissolved substances in aqueous samples.

In aqueous systems, solid particles as well as colloidal dissolved substances carry electrical surface charges, a phenomenon occurring in suspensions and emulsions. These charges influence the interaction of suspended and dissolved material with chemical additives.

The charge of a sample is quantified through a titration with a polyelectrolyte of opposite charge. For this purpose, the Mütek™ PCD-06 features an integrated titrator, that can be configured with either one titration pump (variant PCD-06 Standard) or with two titration pumps (variant PCD-06 Premium). For manual titration or for the connection to an external titrator, the variant PCD-06 Light without integrated titration pumps is available.

Surface charged sample matter with a capability to accept or donate H+ or OH- change their charge density depending on the pH. To reveal the relation between pH and charge, the PCD can handle acid/base titrations to determine the iso-electric point (IEP) of a sample.

In the paper industry, the PCD is a standard tool for detecting anionic trash levels but also for characterizing chemical additives. Identification of charge levels is not only very important for the paper industry but also for numerous other applications like waste water treatment, the food and beverage industry, ceramics, colors, textiles and pharmaceuticals.


  • Sample charge quantification through polyelectrolyte titration
  • Acid/base titration for pH dependency determination of sample charge
  • Compact and light for comfortable travelling
  • Quick and easy setup


  • Shows the exact demand for chemical additives for responsible resource deployment
  • Identifies additive overdosages or wrong reactions to save chemical additive costs
  • Locates weak spots in water-based processes to allow purposeful improvements
  • Merges you with a team of BTG application and service experts around the world


The Mütek™ PCD-06 is suitable for a wide range of applications in process control, process improvement and research, as for example in:


Detection of anionic trash sources for a demand-oriented dosage of fixatives. Charge characterization of chemical additives like sizing agents, wet strength agents, retention aids, pigments and their processability.


Optimization of coagulants and flocculants applied in flotation units, for process water recovery or for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. All solid-liquid separations achieved through charged additives are a potential use case for a PCD measurement. It reveals the current additive demand to ensure a demand-oriented dosage.


Stability characterization of pigment dispersions like lacquers, wall colors, coating ceramics, textile colors or cosmetic fillers. The stability of pigment dispersions correlates directly to their charge at a certain pH value. Low or no charge destabilizes these dispersions and makes them at least difficult to process.


Evaluation of the dispersing power and adsorption capability of additives and admixtures in cement, concrete, mortar and gypsum.

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