Elmendorf Tear Tester fully automated/manual

Applicable standards:
DIN EN 21974
ISO 1974
DIN EN 21974
DIN EN ISO 6383-2
DIN EN ISO 13937-1

Product code: 53984



• Sturdy instrument with touchscreen operation
• Fully automated test procedure
• Pendulum automatically returns to initial position
• MD/CD ratio
• Exchangeable pendulums (model S539840001)



A robust instrument with integral touchscreen. Due to intuitive user guidance, the operation of the instrument is self-explanatory. The samples are clamped automatically. The operator can choose the number of samples (1-16). The instrument can be checked easily using the provided checking weight. Single values, statistics and ratio are displayed on the touchscreen.

Test description

The operator places the sample and pushes the start button. All further functions are performed automatically: The samples are cut, the pendulum released, the value evaluated and displayed, the pendulum is slowed down and returns to its initial position. The instrument is then ready for further measurements. A simple keystroke changes the paper direction (MD/CD). Thus, average and ratio are calculated.


Modell S539840001 (automatic instrument)

• Touchscreen
• Pneumatic sample clamping
• Automated cutting of sample
• Automated pendulum return after the end of the test
• RS 232 interface for result transfer
• Printer interface (parallel) for HP-Laserjet compatible printer
• Checking weight for instrument verification
• Compatible to MiniStat and PaperLIMS
• Available pendulum sizes: 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 16,000, and 32,000 mN

Modell S539830000: (manual instrument)

• Pendulums are interchangeable
• Available pendulum sizes: 8,000, 16,000, 32,000, and 64,000 mN
• Sample clamping, sample cutting and return of pendulum are performed manually

Technical Data (for automatic Instrument)

Electricity: 110–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 400–600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 35x49x57 cm
Net weight: 26 kg
Gross weight: 36 kg