PGX+ Pocket Goniometer


The model 68-76 PocketGoniometer PGX+ is a portable, video-based instrument designed for quality control applications. To quickly perform a measurement, simply place the unit directly on the specimen and press “start.”

International Standards
• TAPPI T458
• ASTM D-724
• ASTM D-5946

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– PGX+ Pocket Goniometer​ pdf

PGX+ Pocket Goniometer​


The PGX+ measures contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, and surface energy. The PGX+ makes a drop in μl according to the size that is set. The drop is automatically released and 80 images per second are made. The instrument is used for paper & board, solar cell panels, windshields, metal cylinders and similar surfaces. For most tests deionized water is used, however using other liquids is also possible. Contact us if you want to use any other liquids.

Features & Benefits

• Easy to handle, small sized
• Registration with 80 frames/ second
• Purity of liquids, Surface Tension, Static
and Dynamic Contact Angle
• Multiple test fluids possible
• Runs on every Windows computer
• Power from USB connection
• No sample preparation

  • Absorption
  • Contact angle