Precision Sample Cutters

Applicable standards:
Adhesive and Label Testing, Coating Testing, Corrugated Testing Equipment and Techniques, Film and Foil Testing, Food Testing, Medical Product Testing, Package Testing Equipment, Paper Testing & Equipment | Testing Machines Inc., Plastic Testing, Rubber and Foam Testing, Sample Cutters and Preparation, Textile and Non-Wovens Testing



  • Case hardened steel cutting edge ground to produce a lasting sharp and precise cutting edge
  • Designed specifically to assure operator safety
  • Easily adjustable depth of cut to suit sample thickness for FCT circular cutters
  • Robust construction requires little or no maintenance
  • Can be bolted to a bench



In tensile testing or crush testing the accuracy of test results is not only dependent on the accuracy with which the procedure is carried out, but also on the accuracy of cutting the crush or tensile test samples. Some tests, for example, tensile strength and edge crush, are particularly sensitive, and cutting accuracy is a prime cause of variation in the values obtained. This model shows 3 precision tensile sample cutters and 2 crush sample cutters that are designed to eliminate the causes of errors associated with hand-cut samples.