Sheet Former, Semi-Automatic

Applicable standards:
Pulp and Sheet Making Testing

Meets TAPPI T-205, ISO 5269/M, AS/NZ 1301-2035, CPPA C4 and SCAN C26




The Semi-automatic Sheet Formers create standardized laboratory hand-sheets that allow the physical properties of the pulp to be evaluated. Semi-automatic operation eliminates operator influence, ensures high repeatability, and increases sheet output compared to standard sheet machines.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Two step operation: 1- Auto fill, stir, settle and drain 2- Auto couching
  • Convenient, user friendly control panel
  • Pneumatic couching
  • All timing and pressure settings are user programmable
  • Full PLC control of the test sequence
  • Adjustable level sensor
  • Color coded pneumatic runs for easy installation and troubleshooting
  • White Water Return System available (option)

No longer having to manipulate the heavy Couch Roll and cumbersome Stirrer is greatly appreciated by those producing a large number of hand-sheets, reducing operator fatigue. Semi-Automatic Sheet Formers are available in two models: Model 300-0 (Self-Contained version) and Model 300-1 (Bench version). The 300-1 (Bench version) Semi-Automatic Former requires fitting to a counter.